A passion for sport and nature

Our adventure began with a simple aspiration: to make the majesty of nature accessible to all, while preserving it for future generations. And so the Bike Park was born, a project marked by passion and dedication. Our vision is clear: to offer everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in natural beauty while experiencing the incomparable excitement of mountain biking.

We believe in the transformative power of mountain biking, a sport that combines daring, perseverance and connection with the environment. Through our carefully crafted trails, we invite you to discover this fabulous sport that awakens the senses and stimulates the spirit of adventure.

However, our ambition is not limited to propelling bikes along trails. We’re driven by a desire to preserve the natural world around us. Every trail we build has been designed to minimise our impact on the delicate ecosystem that welcomes us. We believe that mountain biking can be a force for good, showing the world that sport and respect for nature can coexist harmoniously.

While riding our trails, you’ll also have the chance to discover Mauritius’ natural heritage in all its splendour. The richness of our island is breathtaking, and every descent, every ascent, every bend will bring you closer to its raw beauty and age-old history.

Join us on this exciting adventure, where mountain biking, nature conservation and discovery go hand in hand. Together, we’ll pedal towards a future where respect for nature and a passion for mountain biking guide our footsteps. Welcome to the Bike Park, your invitation to explore, experience and protect the splendour of the world around us.