Mo’Bike’s first mountain bike competition

To celebrate the opening of the Bike Park, Mo’Bike hosts the Mountain Bike Race by Giant

Mo’Bike, the new hidden gem for mountain bike enthusiasts in Mauritius, recently took centre stage by successfully hosting the first Mountain Bike Race by Giant. Organised in close collaboration with Giant Bicycles Mauritius to celebrate the opening of the Bike Park. Not only was the event a great success, with around a hundred athletes taking part, it also brought a new energy to the mountain bike world in Mauritius.

Held at Mo’Bike‘s Bike Park in Chamouny, in the wild south of Mauritius, the event was more than just a competition – it was a celebration of a shared passion for mountain biking. The competition, which took place on 10 September, attracted riders from all horizons, from novices to experts, for a unique experience in the heart of Mauritian nature.

Mo’Bike, in partnership with Giant Bicycles Mauritius, has succeeded in creating a new atmosphere of adventure with trails designed to challenge and inspire every participant, regardless of their skill level. The collaboration between the two entities has opened an exciting new chapter in the world of mountain biking in Mauritius.

A Cross-Country trail just for the competition

A cross-country track was specially created for the occasion and participants faced a variety of challenges on a 7km track, adapted to each category. The Cadets took on the challenge of covering 2 laps, while the other Senior and Master categories tested their endurance with 3 to 4 laps.

Mo’Bike, as host of this major event, succeeded in creating a memorable day of mountain biking, combining competition and passion. This collaboration between Mo’Bike and Giant Bicycles Mauritius has opened up new horizons for mountain bike enthusiasts in Mauritius, promising new events in the future.

The Mo’Bike Team

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